Recovery 2.0 coaches draw from a vast toolbox of powerful skills and from their considerable life experience. Practice, ongoing training, self-inquiry, and life experience are among the elements necessary to build the kind of vessel through which authentic teachings can flow. Each Recovery 2.0 coach, therefore, remains always a student and in the process of continual personal and spiritual growth. 

These amazing individuals have completed the Level 1 Recovery 2.0 Coach Training Program. They are all serious yoga practitioners and have extensive experience with recovery. They each bring a unique set of skills and experiences to their work.

As independent contractors, each Recovery Coach maintains their own contracts, separate from any involvement with Recovery 2.0 as a company. While we have complete trust in the capabilities of every coach within our network, it’s important to note that Recovery 2.0 bears no responsibility for the services offered by these individual professionals. Any contractual agreements, services rendered, and interactions are exclusively between you and the chosen coach. Our role is to offer a platform for connection, and the responsibility for engagements rests solely with the respective coach.

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